Ostrich Farm Lofts
Ostrich Farm Lofts

Once the home of Cawston’s Ostrich Farm, a provider of ostrich feathers and tourist attraction from 1896 to 1935, the site was later developed as a group of industrial buildings. The design of The Ostrich Farm Lofts, located along the Gold Line right of way, keeps the essential qualities of the site intact and accentuates the industrial nature of the previous use. 

In the older buildings, large new windows are cut into the existing brick facades to make each live/work space a light filled work environment. The exterior of the newest building is re-skinned in both stucco and corrugated metal siding. The use of two finishes breaks down the scale of the existing massing and creates a more sympathetic relationship between this portion of the structure and the older buildings. The units, which range from 800SF to 2,000SF, feature double height ceilings, exposed steel beams, balconies and patios. Each live/work space has a recessed wall area at the unit entry designated for business signage.
The project maintains many of the site’s mature trees, and additional trees, large hedges and feature plants reflect the nature of the indigenous Arroyo Seco landscape. A corner park visible from outside the property commemorates and pays tribute to the historic ostrich farm.
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