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Noel Toledo

Commercial Sales and Leases

I was Born in Havana Cuba and moved to Los Angeles in 1980.  Growing up with a Sports Background has helped make me the man I am today. I live my life with the understanding that hard work and dedication will always pay off at the end.
Coming from Cuban decent, I appreciate things in my life that I would have never experienced had I not moved to the United States.  I try my best to make every situation a learning opportunity.
Any one that has worked with me over the last 15 years at companies like Keys Lexus and SimplexGrinnell, one of the largest fire alarm companies around, knows I have achieved and surpassed all my goals.  I did this by building long term relationships with every single person I came into contact with.
Having such and extensive background in sales gave me the chance to start “204 Event Rentals” in 2009.  It went from just a thought to becoming one of the leading rental companies in the Los Angeles Area. Having the knowledge that customer service is the key to success was something I knew would make us more powerful then any other company out there. I have learned that it pays to put my clients needs ahead of my own.
Over the last year I have been doing the same thing in the Real Estate world that led to the success I had in the event world.  And now will create the same business plan for my real estate career.  I have always said “Survival is the key to success.”