Hollywood covers a vast area starting at its eastern edge at Western Ave (the original ‘western boundary’ of the city of Los Angeles) and spans to the west to about Fairfax Ave.  On the south, it is bordered by Melrose Avenue and on the north, Hollywood climbs up into the hills and ends at the ridge line at Mulholland Blvd. 

The neighborhood has a rich history in early movie making where the streets were dotted with movie studios and supporting industries.  “Bungalow Court” apartments — horseshoe-shaped  complexes of tiny houses — were built to house the up and coming stars.  Today, most of the movie companies have moved to either Culver City to the south or Burbank to the north but some of the old theatres are still here such as Grauman’s Chinese.  Adjacent to Grauman’s is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a series of brass plates imbedded in the sidewalk radiating from the intersection of Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave commemorating all manner of entertainers in movies, theatre, TV and the music industry.

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