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Is Buying Real Estate in LA, a Great Investment?

It isn’t quite what most people expect. Sure, buying when the local Los Angeles housing market is a bit soft is the best scenario. However, when the local LA market is on a climb, it’s also a great time to buy real estate.

Is Buying Real Estate in the LA area a Great Investment?

Many people wonder if buying real estate is a good investment. And, the undeniable truth is, real estate, particularly in markets like Los Angeles, is a terrific investment.

Now, we all remember the big downturn of 2008. But, did you know that started with a tiny French bank? You’ve probably heard about mortgage-backed securities and feel a bit confused. In a nutshell, the banks rolled a bunch of mortgage notes into a security or “stock” if you will and sold them. The move repeated thousands of times over. Eventually, risk became too difficult to measure. Panic set in but now, it’s completely different.

Unlike a decade ago, the real estate market (like it’s been for literally dozens of decades) is stable. In fact, Los Angeles and other markets are performing wonderfully. It’s why solid firms like exist. So, if you’re wondering why buying real estate is a good investment, here are a few reasons why:

● A powerful long-term investment. Real estate in la boasts a solid track record. Even though it’s experienced some dips, historically, real estate nearly outperforms the stock market. That’s because it’s not based solely on speculation or uncertain future performance. It’s an actual investment with real collateral. Holding is often a great way to earn a huge ROI. But, it’s also possible to buy and sell on a short-term basis and make money.
● Ability to appreciate steeply. Everyone knows the hottest real estate markets in the country. Los Angeles definitely earns a top spot on that list. Which means appreciation is strong. That makes for a great investment opportunity.
● Not tied to other residential markets. Unlike other kinds of investments, residential real estate isn’t dependent by other markets or industries at-large. In other words, if the real estate market softens in the midwest, it does not have a straight or direct impact on LA.
● Provides leverage for other purchases. When you own real estate in la, you own something of true value. So, it can easily be used to acquire another property. It’s a great way to start a real estate portfolio to build up over time. As more properties are owned, their value increases with appreciation. Which means a big return on investment.
● Offers a passive income stream. Another great aspect of owning real estate is the ability to rent it out for a passive income stream. This is a great way to earn money and it’s especially lucrative in a hot market like Los Angeles.
The bottom line is, real estate makes a great investment. And, it’s a powerful wealth building tool as part of a larger plan. Now is one of the best times to invest in real estate and begin a path to financial security and independence. For help getting involved in Loft Investments in the LA area, please see