Holiday Decorating When You’re Selling

26 Dec 2016 · by Virtual Results PubSub

Holiday Decorating When You’re SellingWhile selling a Loft during the holidays can be more hectic than usual, sellers do have an advantage. It’s the perfect time to show your Loft in the best possible light with strategically chosen holiday décor. While you don’t want to go overboard, by adding just the right amount of coziness and cheer, you can make your Loft that much more warm and inviting to potential buyers. Here’s how to do it.

Clear out the clutter

Before you start decking the halls, be sure to clean out the clutter, as you would normally do when staging your Loft. This includes removing bulky furniture and storing personal items. The key to remember is that you want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves in your Loft. It’s essential that you give them a clean slate from which to do it.

Decorate in the same style as your Loft

If you have a raw Loft, then rustic decorations make perfect sense. But if your Loft is modern, you may want to rethink them. Choose holiday decorations that are in keeping with the style of your Loft. This will enhance your Loft’s natural features, not detract from them.

Don’t gobble up floor space

While you may love having an enormous tree, now is not the time to set it up. Having an overly large tree in your living room can make the room appear smaller – which is the last thing you want to do when showing your Loft. If you want to put up a tree, keep it small and simple. Don’t use too many ornaments. Elegant and tasteful is best.

Keep holiday cards packed away

We know you love to keep holiday cards on the mantle or displayed on a counter, but you should keep them tucked away during a showing. Holiday cards are personal, and just like any other personal items you should keep them stored when you’re selling.

Use neutral decorations

Though it is the time of year where we celebrate our beliefs, it’s not a great idea to display overtly religious decorations when you’re showing your Loft. Keep the nativity scene in storage and display festive items that won’t be off-putting to anyone who may have different beliefs. Safe bets include simple silver and gold decorations, a pretty bowl of pinecones, or even a nutcracker or two.

Fill the air with holiday scents

Buyers will notice how your Loft smells and can factor into their decision-making, so now is a great time to bake those Christmas cookies or set out a pot of simmering potpourri on the stove. Just don’t go overboard, or it can be a little suffocating. Opt for clean, natural and warm smells that make your Loft feel cozy and inviting.


Buying and Selling a Loft at the Same Time

18 Dec 2016 · by Virtual Results PubSub

Buying and Selling a Home at the Same Time

If you’re relocating for a job, trying to move before the school year begins or even hoping to avoid making payments on two mortgages, you may find yourself in the unenviable position of buying and selling a Loft at the same time. While it may certainly be easier to buy a new Loft, move and then sell your old Loft, there are many instances where that just isn’t possible.

So how do you deal? This is what you should do to prepare to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Strategize your timing

If you need to buy and sell at the same time, it’s essential that you know the market in both locations. Is each market favoring buyers or sellers at this moment? You’ll need this information to strategize the selling of one property and the buying of the other. Knowing in which position you’ll have the most leverage will help you make timing decisions.

Understand your finances

Even if you plan your timing to the best of your ability, your current Loft may not sell before you move into your new Loft. It’s important to take a long and honest look at your current financial situation and come up with a plan should this scenario play out. How will you handle making two mortgage payments? Will you have enough money for the down payment on the new Loft if your previous Loft doesn’t sell first? If you’re not sure you can swing either of these financial possibilities, you may qualify for a bridge loan. This is short-term financing that is backed by the equity in the Loft you’re selling that can be used for the down payment of the second Loft.

Consider contract contingencies

While contract contingencies may not always work in your favor in a competitive market, you could find yourself in a situation where it will work for you. You can ask for a contingency in your purchase contract stipulating that the sale is contingent on selling your previous Loft first. If you’re buying in a seller’s market, this may cause your offer to be rejected. But if the Loft you are interested in buying has had difficulty selling, this may work for both parties.

Prepare for some tough decisions

Buying or selling alone can be a process fraught with anxiety and careful decision-making. Doing them at the same time means double the number of decisions – which could exponentially heighten your feelings of stress. Be aware going in that you’re going to be faced with making some tough decisions so that the anxiety doesn’t cause you to make a choice you’ll regret later. Have a plan in place should you decide you need a short-term rental. Knowing that you have a back-up plan can really diffuse some of the pressure in the moment.

Work with a trusted real estate agent

Navigating the buying and selling process can be complex, and doing them at the same time even more so. In times like these it can really benefit you to work with a trusted real estate agent. They can prepare you for what to expect, help you with decision-making, and be an ally and an advocate for you every step of the way.

Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent

10 Dec 2016 · by Virtual Results PubSub

Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Are you currently buying or selling a Loft? Then you probably already know what a complex process it can be. Finding a professional to work with you every step of the way can not only make the journey much less stressful, but also put more money in your pocket. But how do you choose the best agent for you?

No doubt you’ve seen online ads, mailers and even signs on park benches for real estate agents active in your area. Maybe you even feel a little overwhelmed trying to decide with whom to work. No matter if you are buying a selling a loft, we think these are the best ways to find and choose a real estate agent.

Ask family and friends

Has a family member or close friend recently bought or sold a Loft in your neighborhood? That can be an excellent place to start. They’ll be able to provide a personal referral and an honest evaluation. From there, you can set up a time to meet the agent in person and determine if they will make the best partner for you.

Research agent’s background

It’s important when choosing an agent to research whether or not they are licensed in their state. Obtaining a real estate license requires an agent to pass both state and national exams. An agent’s license status can typically be looked up online. You’ll also want to research whether or not any disciplinary action has been taken against them and how long they have been in business. If possible, choose an agent that has at least five years of experience in your market. The knowledge they have about the specific ins and outs of your neighborhood will be invaluable.

Ask for references

A professional real estate agent should have no trouble providing references so that you can speak with recent clients. Ask for contact information for a few clients, and don’t be afraid to call them up and ask them about their experience. This will give you insight into how the agent works with clients and what you can expect along the way. Not sure what to ask? Here’s a great questionnaire.

Look at their web presence

Does the agent have a website? Are they active on social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? It is essential that any real estate agent working today has all the technological tools at their disposal, and uses them with a certain level of expertise. Most people who are buying or selling a Loft these days begin the process online, and you want to make sure you have all those resources available to you.

Make sure they handle what you need

Check out the agent’s current listings to see if they handle Lofts in your area and price range. If you’re dealing with a distressed property or foreclosure, you will also want to make sure they have experience closing these types of deals with banks, as the paperwork can be more complicated.

Trust your gut

After interviewing and researching a few agents, you may still have trouble choosing, especially if they seem to be fairly even in most regards. In this case, go with your intuition. Buying or selling a Loft can be a long process, and you’ll want to partner with someone you feel comfortable with and trust.

Spotting a Serious Loft Buyer

5 Dec 2016 · by Virtual Results PubSub

Spotting a Serious Home Buyer

One of the frustrations you may encounter when selling your Loft is dealing with people who may not be serious about buying. Perhaps they’re just testing the waters of the market or daydreaming about one day owning a Loft when they walk into your open Loft. You can save yourself a lot of annoyance by learning how to spot the serious buyers.

They’re preapproved for a mortgage

The one thing all serious buyers know is that they need to get preapproved for a mortgage before looking for a Loft in earnest. That preapproval from a lender is a signal to sellers that says they’re ready – and able – to move forward with an offer. They’ve taken the time to be vetted by a lender and they’re financially capable of purchasing a Loft. Any potential buyers who have not yet been preapproved for a mortgage should move behind those on your list who have.

They’re looking at Lofts that match their wish list

Perhaps a potential buyer comes along that is looking for a Loft in a certain price range and yours fits the bill. But you learn that they are really hoping for a Loft in a suburban community that is close to amenities, while your Loft is an old warehouse on the outskirts of town. If your Loft doesn’t hit the marks on a buyer wish list, it’s likely they aren’t serious about it.

They’re more likely to be judgmental

Buyers who aren’t too serious about putting in an offer on your Loft are more likely to be polite and friendly when taking a tour. But those who are a little more reserved or point out various flaws? It’s more likely they’re the ones who are actually thinking seriously about your Loft. Don’t let their poker faces throw you off. Most buyers know or have been coached by their agent to refrain from displaying an emotional response to your Loft.

They return for a second or third look

Those buyers who come back for a second or even a third look at your Loft? Those are the people who are the most interested and probably the most likely to put in an offer. Those who are just browsing will not take the time to come back for another look.

They make possessive comments

Seasoned real estate agents are attuned to what potential buyers are saying about your Loft, and there are certain types of comments that can provide clues that a buyer is serious. If they make remarks about how a piece of their furniture will fit in a room or how nice one of their rugs will look in the living room, they are already envisioning themselves living in the space.

They’ve been looking for awhile

Buyers that are at the beginning of the process looking at their first Lofts probably aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger and put in an offer without looking at other Lofts first for comparison. The further the buyer is into the process, the more likely they are serious. This is especially true if they are up against any deadlines, like the beginning of a new job or the start of the school year.

Selling your Loft can be an emotional and complex process, but learning to spot serious buyers can save you time and heartache in the end.