Zillow and Trulia

26 Jul 2014 · by ChrisSampaio


This week Zillow announced that is in talks to buy Trulia. if you don’t know what these names mean you were probably born a long time ago. The two names are the most visited websites by people looking to buy a place. They are also the reason you don’t go to your agent or brokers website anymore. The have spent Millions of dollars on perfecting the home search and on marketing to promote themselves.

Now, what does this mean for you? A monopoly? Less competition and therefore less innovation? I am not sure, lets wait and see.

I don’t think it will affect the consumer as much as will affect the Real Estate professional that buy leads from the sites and might be facing higher prices. 

Let’s hope for the best.

Inman Connect 2014

18 Jul 2014 · by ChrisSampaio

Inman-Real-Estate-Connect-San-FranciscoThis is my second year attending the Inman event. The conference focus in Real Estate and technology with many speakers and seminars in a TED style format. Real Estate is about keep learning and updated as much as possible. The market and business are always evolving and the educated brokers will always have an advantage. 

There are many things that I leaned from the event, but I would like to share a couple that can make everyones life easier. They are iPhone apps.

The first is a calendar app to replace the apple calendar app. Its much more advanced and has many features not available on the apple one.

Tempo AI

This other one is amazing, you can make copies of keys without ver going anywhere, just with your iPhone.




7 Ways to Sound Proof your Loft

4 Oct 2016 · by ChrisSampaio


You won’t be able to fully soundproof your LOFT, at least not without hiring an engineer, a contractor and spending a whole lot of money. So we suggest you sell it and move to a single-family house on 5 acres of open land.

If that’s not an option, there are a few steps you can take to dampen the sound and keep your neighbor at bay. Some are relatively inexpensive; others are free.

What’s bugging your neighbor is vibrations from sound waves that strike your wall and ceiling, then reverberate through the wall and attic to her space. Your goal should be to isolate and reduce these vibrations.

First, you should build a new sound wall. This will be the most time-consuming and expensive job, but it’s pretty much mandatory, especially in a condo. Take these steps:

1. Build a standard 2-by-4 wall with top and bottom plates and studs on 16-inch centers. Make sure it’s parallel to the existing wall, leaving 1 to 2 inches of dead space between the two walls.

2. Reroute your power into the new wall. Installing a 2-inch flexible conduit will make it easier to run your wiring to components and speakers.

3. Install the insulation. Owens Corning manufactures fiberglass sound attenuation batts that are designed specifically for use in interior partition systems. You can find this product and lot of other good information on sound attenuation at this link.

4. Finish the wall with sound-dampening wallboard. Make sure any seams and cutouts for outlets are sealed up tight. You should use special sound-dampening products for this job. These materials will cost up to four times more than a standard drywall wall, but they’re absolutely worth the money. Bill did a similar project a couple years ago and was pleased with products from a company called QuietRock.

Once your wall is built, there are three more little jobs you’ll need to do:

5. Sound from your in-ceiling surround speakers is probably leaking into your neighbor’s space through the attic. Consider adding speaker enclosures here. A number of choices are available. Start by doing a Web search for “in-ceiling speaker enclosures.”

6. Low-frequency sounds from your subwoofer may be a major source of your neighbor’s headaches. If your sub is against the common wall, move it as far away as possible. No need to worry about this degrading the quality of your sound.

7. Finally, make certain your speakers — especially your subwoofer — do not sit directly on the floor. Use speaker stands or do a Web search for “sound isolation cones.”

These steps won’t solve your problem completely, but if your neighbor is at all reasonable, you should be able to coexist. Why not nuke up a batch of popcorn and invite her over for the next feature presentation?

Taken from Inman News.

Loftway San Diego

7 Jul 2014 · by ChrisSampaio


Loftway San Diego is in the works. We hope to have the site up by the end of the year. We are still debating if we will have a unique web address or have it all under the same Loftway.com address. Downtown SD has tons of buildings with great Lofts and we will provide the same services we offer in Los Angeles.  Soon buyers and renters will be able to go to one site and find the best buildings in one place. Stay tuned!!san-diego-skyline-and-coronado-at-dusk-usa-john-yato