Craiglist Land of the LOST

24 Aug 2013 · by ChrisSampaio

Its amazing how much spam you find on Craigslist now. I was browsing today just for fun and I found about three different agents advertising my listings without my permission just to get  leads. Its very cost effective for them, since is free. The problem is that you find an ad for the same place four times. There is also the even worse case which is when scammers advertise my listings. BUYERS AND RENTERS BEWARE. Its a jungle out there. 

Craigslist types:

Honest broker: Wants to advertise his listings and generate more leads to sell or rent his clients property faster.
MOD: Pictures and listing match. Usually have a link to the website for more info.

Not so honest broker: Does not have any listings and advertise other brokers listings to get leads. Sometimes misleads clients on thinking the listings  belong to him. .
MOD: They usually don’t have any pictures of the inside, but sometimes they even steel the pictures. Usually have a link to a IDX site. A lot of times the listings were gone weeks before, but its hard for them to keep track since is not their listing, they will try to offer you something else

Spammer: Might have or not a listing.
MOD: Post the listing three times or more everyday. resulting in repetitive postings of the same listing.

Scammer: The most dangerous, usually have a listing that is priced really low. Have you heard the term “Sounds too good to be true”?
MOD: Will pretend to be the landlord and try to convince you to send a check to secure the rental. 


The Loftway Report 1st Semester 2013

23 Aug 2013 · by ChrisSampaio

The Loftway report is here again. Now its Bi-Annual and has great info to help buyers and sellers in making decisions about buying and selling LOFTS in Downtown LA.

You can see the full report HERE

Loftway Report Infographic

Increasing Inventory

23 Aug 2013 · by ChrisSampaio

In the past 3 months inventory has been increasing in Downtown LA. With the prices raising more sellers that were upside down and had to hold on to their LOFTS are now able to sell. Buyers now have a better chance when making offers and more negotiating power. That been said, some buildings still have low inventory and are selling fast when something pops up. Housing-Inventory2

New Listing on 655 Hope St

17 Aug 2013 · by ChrisSampaio

We're sorry, but we couldn't find MLS # 13697125 in our database. This property may be a new listing or possibly taken off the market. Please check back again.

Loftway Site Updates

9 Aug 2013 · by ChrisSampaio


aysdented another update on the site. We are working every day in making the site easier to navigate and the LOFTS easier to find.

Here are the list of changes that we implemented:

1) Removed the find a loft buttons on top of slider.

2) Implemented a new search box

3) Gave the ability to select only new lofts that are 5 days or less on the market

4) Implemented the ability to select more than one area at a time

5)  Implemented the ability to select by price

Hope you enjoy the new features. The old search options Still under the Find A Lofts link on the top navigation.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 3.01.37 PM

Great study about Downtowns future population limits

5 Aug 2013 · by ChrisSampaio