Ad Words

28 Jun 2013 · by ChrisSampaio

For those that are not familiar, Google Ad Words, is the advertising platform from Google. Basically it works like this: You pick a keyword and when someone searches that keyword your business will show up on top as paid advertising. You only pay when someone clicks on the link. It can cost anywhere from $0.10 per click  to $100 and over. Depending on the keyword and your position it can cost less or more. Then you set a daily budget and the ads will show until until you reach that number everyday. 

I just started advertising there again and its very interesting to monitor this stuff. You can see how many times your ad appeared until someone clicked on it and which keywords are more popular than others.

Here a few things I know by looking at my stats:

1) One of my key words showed up 320 times to generate 14 clicks. This is a 4.38% click ratio.

2) My best keyword ratio is 5 to 1 or 20%.

3) My most expensive cost per click is $6.29. I can go broke with this keyword if I don’t set a daily budget. 

4) My worst keyword  did 55 impressions for 1 click. Thats pretty lame.

Overall Google Adwords works, but it can become very expensive. You really have to see if you are getting a good return on your investment. Like any other form of advertising for that matter.

This is not for Real Estate only, it works for any business.

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Art Gallery Live/Work Loft

23 Jun 2013 · by ChrisSampaio

This supper cool Art Gallery/Live Work Loft just hit the market. Very rare and priced well. Call me to see it!!

We're sorry, but we couldn't find MLS # 13681811 in our database. This property may be a new listing or possibly taken off the market. Please check back again.

What your Agent does not want you to know

18 Jun 2013 · by ChrisSampaio


When I was a kid there was a show on TV about a magician called MR. X. The premise of the show was that he would go around revealing every single magic trick out there.  This is what this post is about for Real Estate.

What they say: We have an AD on the Caravan magazine, LA Times and other magazines.

The Fact: Print advertising does not work to sell your place. It works to help the agent get more listings/clients. Print advertising is slow and outdated  You can’t search, you can’t save to your phone/computer, you can’t see a map, more pictures,  schools and many other things that you can do online. Then there is the other issue: updating. You can change the price, add extra pictures or change description online is less than one minute. With print you have to design the AD again and go by printing dealines, it can take a month to make one simple change.

What they say: We are going to do Open Houses.

The Fact: Open houses are another way for the agent to get more listings/clients. Open houses work better in some areas than others, but the like-ability that you are going to miss a sale if you don’t do an open house is very slim. Most buyers that are looking in your area know that your place is on the market and will make an appointment to see it if they are interested. Most buyers that only want to go to the open houses are on the looking phase and are not ready to buy yet. Open Houses put unnecessary wear and tear on your place and can even be dangerous. 

What they say: Is better to list with a big franchise (Keller Williams, REMAX, Coldwell Banker, etc).

The Facts: The only thing the big companies do better is advertise their name, they don’t do anything for the agent or the client. They are about quantity, not quality. What matters is the agent and what he/she will do for you. 

Bottom line is: Find an agent that is keeping up with the times and invested money in technology and attracting buyers online. Most buyers start there. Have him take professional pictures and prepare your place before taking them. Staging is another big thing and makes all the difference in the world. Its not about finding your place, once you put in the MLS it goes viral. Its about showcasing your place under the best light and its about an agent that knows the product.

The learning curve

7 Jun 2013 · by ChrisSampaio










A lot of times as agents we give sellers and buyers our advice. Unfortuantely a lot of times or advice is taken as if we were just thinking about our commission and dont have our clients best interestd in mind.

On the listing side: How many times I advised the seller to take an offer that he thought was too low and he ended up selling for much less much later. Not only he lost time, but also money. Thats the sellers learning curve. It takes a few offers and some time on the market to start listening to us.

On the buyer side: How many times I advised the buyer to bid a certain amount based on my knowledge of the market and they wanted to bid lower. They had to bid on many lofts before they ended up taking my advice and purchasing one. Thats the buyers learning curve. They have to miss many lofts before they understand the market. If the market is going up, the loft they buy will be more expensive than if they bought the one before.

You can avoid losing money and time if you listen to your agent. We know the market and we know what it takes to buy and sell. This one of the reasons that you have to picky your agent well and why you hire him/her in the first place.